January 13 2006

here lately, i have been having bad headaches, but last night's was the worst one yet. i was on my way home, and my head started hurting. it was just like normal, though. i was only less than a mile away from my house, so i kept going. then, all of a sudden, my vision went completely black, and i ran off the road. the next thing i kind of remember was waking up with a random guy, (he had stopped to see if i was ok), was trying to get my door open and asking me questions. i don't remember our convo, though. i think i blacked out again. the next thing i know, i'm getting on the stretcher and being loaded into the ambulance. thankfully, they did x-rays and stuff and finally decided that i could go home. so, i didn't have to stay the night. i have to go to the doctor next week, then to a neurologist. i'm doing fine right now. my head, neck, and back are the only things that hurt. Praise God that it wasn't worse! please pray that they will find out what has been causing my headaches and that they will get better...thanks!


January 13 2006
rachael im soo glad your okay!!! i will be praying for you!!! love ya!

Ben Moser

January 13 2006
thank goodness your alright!!!


January 13 2006
oh goodness! i love you! and i'm soo glad you're alright! keep me updated! i'm praying for you!

Garrett Haynes

January 13 2006
Glad u r ok! That seems like something that would happen to me. I have blacked out several times during the middle of class. I hate it when that happens! Thanks for the comment! God bless. ~Garrett


January 14 2006
Dang girl! I fell asleep at the wheel one time, but that was totally my own fault. I pray the doctors find out what's goin on cause that's just not cool.