December 15 2005

ok, i think that, during Christmas break, im' going to get my adorable shade of brown. (i.e. reese witherspoon in "walk the line")...i have had this same natural color of blonde my whole life! so, please leave a remark and be honest...i want to get opinions! God bless! :)


December 15 2005
I think it would look gorgeous! I dyed my hair pretty much the same color. but my one piece of advice is to get the wash out kind in like 25 shampooes so that if by chance you don't like don't have to wait until it grows out.


December 16 2005
:o) soo i love brown hair and i've considered doing the same...but i doubt i'll ever do it. lol i think it'd look great tho...but i agree w/ sarah on the whole wash out thing just in case...and we're so gonna have to do something over the break! love ya!


December 16 2005
I think it'll look good! I like brown hair, but of course I'm biased... ha ha... Thanks for the sweet comment! I appreciate it!


December 16 2005
Girl I think you would look awesome with brwon hair can't wait to see it merry christmas bye Abi

Garrett Haynes

January 02 2006
Hey thanks for the encouragement i needed it haha. I don't think we've officially met, but I know Justin and Hodge-E. Well maybe i'll see u at church sometime. God bless! - Garrett