Cream of Wheat and a Stinky Beagle

November 20 2005

so, cream of wheat is one of my makes me happy!!!

and my beagle, Maddy, went outside with me for a while tonight...and she came inside and smelt like nothing else i ahve ever smelt before! we cleaned her off, but she just still isn't the same. it's too late to give her a bath tonight...but she'll be getting on tomorrow....we live in the country, so there is no telling what she got into.

also, i work at the Piggly Wiggly...and since it is almost Thanksgiving, we are crazy busy. between the double-locked cigarette case, little kids who say anything, and the little old women with purple hair...i'm having a very interesting time.

that's all i have right life isn't that interesting besides the Pig at the moment, and even that isn't all it's cracked up to be. i need patience!

have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

much love

Rachael Moore

November 20 2005
ok, at first when i read maddy, i thought you were talking about mady at our church... i was like 'oh my gosh', but then i figured it out... haha


November 20 2005
I used to work at Bi-Lo. Thanksgiving and Christmas time were absolutely insane.

Rebekah Minor

December 01 2005
am, im pretty decided on union...but ive applied to mtsu as well...but just as a back up