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November 29 2005

Well this is Josh for the millonth time.. gosh Beth!!!lol you know I love you baby.. and yeah well Im goign to update for her and stuff so yeah... well me and beth are going to have a fun week / weekend and I hope that she gets to feelin better and yeah.... we had fun this whole weekend...besides a couple of fights but yeah... we get throught those.. and stuff.. well yeah I'm in second period right now not doing anything... and stuff but Im goin to go.. yall leave her some comments... Love you Beth

-Josh updating for Beth-


November 30 2005
Hey baby well i hope you have a good day and i dont have my cell phone so if you text me here at school then i wont get it until i get home.. the battery was like dead on it and if i would of brought then it would of died and yeah... well i hope that your feeling better and we get to see each other tonight and im excited about that well i got to go so ill talk to you later.. love you baby!!! -Josh-


December 01 2005
Hey baby well I want you to know that I'm sorry about last night and Im sorry for calling you immature because your not...and i just want to let you know that you mean the world to me and im never going to let you go.. I PROMISE!! and swear on it ok always here for you.. and I love you -Josh-


December 03 2005
yay!! and ya im sry!!! mk ill ttyl bye JR!!!


December 05 2005
Hey baby, well I think that you need to update because well Im goin to go ill talk to you later.. Love you baby -Josh-