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Maybe I lost you......

March 16 2006

I have the most amazing friends ever! I love them to death. But one in paticular I think I lost. He was a great friend. Always there for me, and always telling me I was beautiful no matter how bad I looked....And he always made me smile. But he wanted to be more than just friends, and I didn't. I just wanted him to be my friend, and nothing more. To just be someone I could go to and cry if I needed to, or call whenever. To tell me my hopes and dreams are not stupid, and that I can do whatever. To just hang out with me. To lift me up when I am down, and push me to do my best.....

Life is just a mess right now...

Rachel Hughey

March 17 2006
Well, I love you honey! And I always will so no problems! Smile I'm happy today(at least right now)! Don't happy...don't happy now...woooo...wwoooo...wwoooo..oooooo(singing) lol