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March 09 2006
Xanga Sucks. So I decided to make this little thing...Might be better who knows....

"you know what`s wrong with you, miss whoever-you-are?
you`re chicken. you`re afraid to stick out your chin && say,
'ok, life's a fact.' people do fall in love. people do belong to
each other. because that` the only chance anybody` got for
real happiness. you call yourself a free spirit, a wild thing,
yet you're terrified that somebody`s gonna put you in a cage.
well, baby, you`re already in a cage and you built it yourself "

-breakfast at tiffanys

Nathan Moore

March 10 2006
Amanda, welcome to PhuseBox! Let me know if you run into any problems or have any suggestions for the site. Enjoy!

Ben Moser

March 10 2006
the cage analogy is a good one.