When his sight goes red again......

September 27 2006

Hello, Hello,

Been a while since I have updated anything.  Just been working and getting read for college.  I start in January and alread know what fraternity I am going to rush.  A. T. O.  It's gonna be fun as all hell.  I just had an interesting experience driving my friends back from Franklin.  It's on the hush-hush, but let's go with the word "traumatized" for now.  I have now seen everything that the comic world has to offer.  An Incredible Hulk #1, a Daredevil #1, X-Men #1, and the first appearnce of Thor all walked into the store this week.  I was amazed.  I am still on the look-out for the first appearance of Hal Jordan, since I own Kyle Rayner's first appearance.  Well enough nerd talk.  Time for bed.  Au Revoir.



September 27 2006
yeah, u finally updated, jeez it only took you forever and a year. jus kidding!!!!! :)


September 30 2006
well... idk y ur makeing such a big deal out of all this... u know i want to be w/ u.... but u never had time for me... me and frenchie arent dateing.... we went to the movies once... that was it... we're just friends.... and i did go to call you back but ur fone was shut off... hell i sat there for an hour just calling u hopeing that it would just turn on or something..... geeze jon.... maybe if u would just talk to me instead of hanging up on me you would know all this....

Amanda Judy

October 22 2006
lol that was kinda out of the blue dont ya think?

Amanda Judy

October 24 2006
sorry lol