Tears flowing softly

March 18 2006
Wow, so much has happened. I am no longer at Oakland. I am building a custom street racer from the ground up. I sleep in every day but am still so tired. I can't get enough sleep. I have finally rid myself of the craving for a female companion. It feels great to have that burden lifted from my shoulders. I am free.....

"We don't rebel to sell, it just suits us well."

"Haters call me bitch
Call me faggot call me whitey
But I am something that you'll never be"

"You drained my heart
And made a spade"

Meagan McCann

March 18 2006
um... what? havent talked to you in awhile... meag

Andrew ?

March 19 2006
why are you not at ohs any more? dont drop out Andrew

Stacy Freeman

March 19 2006
hahah thanks! = )

[LJ] ♥

March 31 2006
yayy. im glad your free ♥

Rachel Chase

April 05 2006
did you drop out of school???? WHY??