From Lashes To Ashes An From Lust To Dust

February 04 2006

Well my work week is finally over.  I'm completely worn out from it all.  I've been going through a range of emotions lately and don't know exactly which ones to trust.  I've fallen in love with a girl but have no idea if it is returned.  I'm angry at the entire school for bothering me.  I'm a little worried about my birthday next week.  I'm upset cause I can't get a damn thing done.  I guess I'm just going to have to work this out.  My birthday is next Thursday for anybody that really cares.  I'm gonna be 18 and what a happy day. (Actually the happy day will be Friday cause I get to spend it all night with Jen).  I wrote a poem last night at work.  It is really a rough draft but I'm gonna put it anyway.

Though we are a world apart,
I want you to know you own my heart,
I never knew what happiness could be,
I can only wish that you love me.

Let's lay in a field and watch the stars go by,
If I'm with you my soul soars through the sky,
Holding you close and not letting go,
I just hope our love has a chance to unfold.

Donald Allen

February 04 2006
what a waist of my damn time reading that........ you should've put in there.. "and i owe Donald 20 dollars......."

Sarah Vermillion

February 04 2006
Happy birthday.