Phusebox. Eh, I have too much time...

August 20 2005
So, I still maintain that xanga owns all. But, I have no life outside of the internet, so this shall be another instrument of time wasteage. Nobody I know has one of these phusebox contraptions. We're all myspace and xanga whores. I'm not going to tell anyone about this...I'll just let people find me...chances are no one will read this...
you can have unlimited blogrings here, unlike xanga, so i guess thats cool..

Matt Beck

August 20 2005
you think the layout of that xanga page looks good? wait till you see the complete redesign of phusebox. everything will be different.


August 21 2005
OH MY GOSH! HANNAH GOT A PHUSEBOX!!! like without me telling her about it!!! AHHHHH!!!

Nelson Lumpkin

September 15 2005
Good music