February 24 2006
hey eveeryone this is my update ITS FRIDAY yay!!!!!


February 23 2006

photo from SATAN Jr


February 22 2006

I love clovers! i have a necky with a clover on it, im like addicted!! Well a few more weeks til spring break. Whoopy lol not so fun for me i have to get my wisdom teeht cut out! AHHH lol anyway GO CLOVERS!!

Its been awhile

February 21 2006
ok its been awhile since i wrote soo i thought i would update. Nothing new to report really i cant wait to graduate!! Only around 6wks left roughly. Although its gonna be sad to leave everyone im excited. Hope i dun trip on my way up the stage....I am upset with my  so called friends!! u guys havnt been commenting or even messaging me!! grr

Day after Valentines Day

February 15 2006
Ok today is the day after Vday ugh kinda a sad day dunno why ,perhaps its because i just swallowed my gum on accident , or Juss whts left over after this holiday. Im bored!!! lol and i seem to be lacking in the friend list interaction!! u ppl need to talk more :P


February 14 2006
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE! *MWAH* ( even though its my parents anniv. and i am not going to be home for that!!!ewww lol)

What if...

February 14 2006

What if we were all vampires? Or at least there was such things as vampires? Would you want to be on? Be friends with one? Would you want to spend a left time hiding in the dark and searching for your next meal? Or perhaps the sensualism of it all intrests you.  Maybe you wish you could combine everything you see if the movies to make one perfect Vampire , edit if you will, take out things you don't want and add in things you do? anyway something to think about... Me personally , i think it would be worth it WRITE BACK YOU THOUGHTS


February 09 2006
OKAY ELIZABETH THANK YOU!!! (shes over my shoulder cough up a lung and laughing at me) u know wht i mean dang it

Snow yay

February 09 2006
it was snowing lol yay ok ok its 10 and im slow but at  least i updated! 2 hours grrrrr that  makes me mad. muahahaha well at least i had time to do my homework! yay

I survived!

February 08 2006
OK so im not dying but it got pretty bad....doin a lil better even though i have not done any of my work muahahaha oh well. So dun kill me if ur planning too i decided im well enough to carry on and finish this year. WOOT 59 more school days left.. im counting down hehe


February 07 2006

OK im dying!! Kill me now!! juss shoot me where i stand. Anyone with me? anyone juss as miserable as me?

My spelling

February 07 2006

ok for everyones sake im goin to explain my spelling *coughElizabethcough* When i say juss=just , Dun=dont

ok the rest ur on ur own b/c i dun even know wht i ment to say..


February 01 2006
People say you should pick out a picture you want done to yourself and see if u still want it like a year or two down the road, while i am all for this idea im to impatient i juss say you should find something that means something to you. Thats what i say. Im planning on getting 2 :p one of my name on my neck so my hair will hide it if i have to and the other one is gonna be on my shoulder blade , its gonna be a clover. anyway wht do u guys think?


January 31 2006
ok wht is up with movie that like came out in the 80's or early 90's having sequels? it makes me sick and i for one am boycotting them!! Movies like little mermaid 2 and jugle book 2 and all that stuff!! NO means NO they should have juss stopped! they were to greedy and wanted more soo the juss messes everything up! on the subject of that wht was with JayZ grouping with Linkin Park????! I can't even listen to them now! im ruined! SO lets tell the movie and the music ppl to get original and stop the torture!


January 30 2006

photo from armand_luver


January 30 2006

And yet i am lazy again, to lazy to put out a picture atm, sooo u guys will have to suffer til i get home!!! SUFFER!! lol im okay i swear..... So i went and seen Underworld 2 LUVED IT!! it was soo awsome  then again im weird that way. As i am typing this very moment im having to backtrack like 15 thousand times grr i cant type!! SO im goin to go before i make myself mad!


January 20 2006

Hiya everyone!! hmm I really dun have anything to say atm!! So  im juss gonna ramble, umm umm Elizabeth is scarying me in my Sociology class yay!! BOOOO! everyone muahahaha!!! im evil!!