This week is almost over

April 12 2006
 yeah i cant wait til the end of this week! two  more days left but it has gone by soo slow. im soo bored!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  jeez here is a message from waffa : she says HI!! and shes an overacheiver!! she tries tooo hard it gets on my nerves!

Death to the phone company

April 10 2006
Okay so my dad paid the stupid phone bill to get our phone and internet back on friday.....They gave out our old phone number!! soo now we have a new one and they were like we will get it turned on at least by thursday!!! soo now im just waiting i never realized how much time i spent on the internet at home ,, im soooo bored

loud people

April 06 2006
okay so whats up with all the loud people? everythings quiet then someone comes bounding in and screams i cringe at the fact, i mean can you not see that its silent!!not that im picking on anyone in particular *coughElizabethcough* :) i hope these next two days go by fast , well i hope this month goes by fast hehe


April 05 2006
yea!!! my dad decided not to be mean anymore and is turning my internet back on this weekend... wow that didnt take long only like a month -.- hehe anyway im gonna write a short blog today luv yas :)

no stress

April 04 2006
okay so im not stressed about anything today!! and thats really really weird because i usually stress about everything! go me , although 1st period hasnt even started yet so my stress level might elevate.Ugh seniors , they are making us go another week!! evil huh? oh well i can suffer through one more week , go me i have to take finals.. ok someone wake me from my nightmare before i have to sit through this class!!!

UMm yeah

April 03 2006

So sorry i havnt been on the compy in like over a week.. soo i wasnt ignoring anyone. OUCH i got my wisdom teeth removed over break fun fun....I am soo bored yup only 24 more days not counting weekends and the three days of finals hehehe.yay! anyway love you all :)


March 22 2006

hey everyone! how is everbody?? hmmm not much to report . I havnt done my homework yet again, whats new though lol.well only 1 day left after today YAY everyone do a happy dance.I tell ya what if teachers think im actually going to be doing anything for the rest of this week they are mistaken!!Okay im bored and i have to go write my body paragraphs for my term paper..They are due after luch thank god :) guess whos skipping out on lunch to do her work?? hehe LATER EVERYONE


March 21 2006

im writing im 7 font b/c i can!!!!!!


March 21 2006

2 days til spring break not counting today!!

March 21 2006
YAY ONLY 2 MORE DAYS LEFT!!! MUAHAHAHA ughh my teachers arnt being nice..well one is hes stopping work on wednesday.. Ok SENIORS remember friday is senior skip day so dont come :)

Term papers

March 17 2006

Okay this is for all u seniors and or joniors , even tho the 11th graders have it easier!! Omg i am soo stressing about it. Thank god my teacher moved the due date back to the thursday after break. But i like to put things off til the last minute ugh dang! guess what i will be doing over spring break...I did do my report for Sociology yay go me a actually did it, me HA! lol anyway i one of the sad few who isnt going anywhere for break ill just stay at home .. oooh i forgot im getting my wisdom teeth out

:( blah so now im gonna feel like crap on top of it all YAY GO ME ...OH BTWHAPPY SAINT PATTY'S DAY!!!


March 16 2006


March 16 2006
my parents decided to be the meanest people in the world and cut off our internet!!! how sad is that? they didnt even give me a reason why soo hopefully they will turn it back on soon cuz im like dying!!! soo i can only get on phusebox *cries* this is a sad day! I cant even do my term paper atm soo to all my friends if i dont answer ur email u know why.......soo juss message me on here :D GRRRRRRR IM SO MAD


March 15 2006
Im soo tired my eyes are burning and watering *cries* oh well i woke up in an unusually happy mood then i listened to some sad music now im kinda down weird huh?i dunno i think im still happy hehe..... Ok senoirs i counted and we have 31 school days  left!!!omg right? hahaha


March 13 2006
DUN PEE URSELF!! lol herman ..and hannah wtf? spill!! lol tell me whts goin on u know i cant resist a juice bit of gossip or a drama packed story :p


March 13 2006
AHHH i found a long lost friend go me lol i have a stalker on myspace tho ahh! hehe owell *shrugs* its interesting yup yup ok its monday! damnit someone hit the fast forward button!!

To fast!

March 13 2006
Okay raise your hand if this weekend went be fast! do it! i dun care if your in class either, RAISE IT..hehe anyway i guess its a good thing that these days go by fast means that school will go by faster!! yay -.- i already forgot about homework i had :( haha oh well..

No school tomorrow

March 09 2006

Na na na na na na! lol yay i am going to sleep in til at least 8 lol! everytime i try to sleep in i cant.juss makes me feel like im sleeping away my time off ya know? ever do that? get up early and good to bed late just to live your vaction to the upmost fullest? i know you do! i not that strange lol

Almost March

February 27 2006
 Yay it almost March! So as i figure we have a month to go before spring break! can we do it? YES we can! grrrr im tired of this , im ready to go!