seersucker in the sun

June 21 2005
do you ever think about people and what makes them who they are? I have been thinking a lot lately about people's mannerisms and idiosyncrasies. There was this kid i met this past weekend who grunted inbetween thoughts and said nice so many times. When I left to go home i walked outside with a friend and started noticing my quirks. Perhaps I wont verbalize them now but i will mention my awareness. very interesting i must say- what happens when you are void of the eccentricities and foibles of your own charecter? is that when you are normal?

How about this?

June 17 2005
Im going to come chill over here now, xanga is freakin rediculous, cant handle it. At work, half day, pool and some bud later- cant wait
love ya Niki