I love Life but NOT school

January 05 2006

     So I am new to the whole internet blogging thing; however, i do sometimes like to express myself through the use of the English language. I feel personally that even a light grasp on the language of your country can help you in your everyday life.

      So today I realized that school actually depresses me, especially my school. Firstly, the school itself feels that because it is a Catholic(but more importantlly a private school) school it needs to make its simpler subjects in a sense harder than some of the honors or AP courses. Secondly, most of the rich kids(or richies) as i like to call them are ungrateful and rude. Finally, the girls at John Carroll are insanely hard to read and although the hottie ratio of guys to girls favors the boys(3girls:1guy) the girls just decide not to date anyone. I somewhat good looking, I try to be nice, I even have tried actually asking a couple of girls out... To my dismay I discovered the simple fact of the matter i go to a non-loose Catholic School. Now I do not mind a challenge but some of the girls are not even to be considered a challenge more like an insurmountable(spelling?) obstacle.

   Such is life...