The Tale of the Butterfly

July 22 2005
I never ever ever post stuff on blogs. I'm not sure why... I think maybe I just forget or something. But anyway, I told Carla this funny story and she said I had to post it on here, so here is first post:
So yesterday I wake up with this mondo stomach ache. It was BAD. And I was like, "ugh, today is going to be a horrible day..." but I dragged myself out of bed anyway to go to class. Well, I'm driving to school when I suddenly see this really pretty butterfly right in front of my car. It was really big, and it was pale yellow. So then I was all happy and I was like, "Hey! Maybe it won't be such a bad day after all!" And I swear, I kid you not when I say that just at that moment that butterfly flew STRAIGHT into my windsheild with a really loud "SPLAT!" I thought I was going to cry. I was like, man, are you serious??

Carla Simpson

July 22 2005
haha YAY!! i'm so glad i got to eat lunch with you guys! i love you naima!


July 24 2005
that is such a funny naime-crazy-animal story! i love it! but i wish i coulda heard you tell it in person... i miss you! :)


August 07 2005
you like how i put "naime" ???? what is up with that??

Hanna F.

August 09 2005
AFRO-MAN. cough. i mean...what?


August 13 2005
naima! i have heard much about you through aj. yay for getting a blog!

Nathan Garrett

August 15 2005
NAIMA!!! DUDE HOW ARE YOU!!! omg...that is funny!!! What are the chances...wait, sooo was it even a good day tho?!!! i miss ya, lata


September 03 2005
ooohh naima. i'm so glad we got to hang out while i was home! i miss you! and you're in chicago this weekend!! i wish i had gas to get up there - i'd come and find you. it's crazy expensive here tho. stink. hope you had fun!