November 18 2008
 I seriously need a vacation, no joke. I can’t take one to like Florida, although, it is probably what I need.
But I need something, before I break down again. I’m in school so no long trips to Gatlinburg, but maybe to Cumberland camp, or a friend w. no siblings house.I don’t think I’ll be okay it if something doesn’t happen. If I can get coach P.’s permission I’m about to get some running shorts, and go run in the gym during school. I really need it.  
Have you ever felt like this? I think it’s overload of some sort. I’m not to overworked, i mean school is stressful, yearbook has taken a lot out of me, school play friday & saturday, and  theres 2 christmas songs i have a month to choreograph and perfect.  but its not that bad really...but then if I wasn’t why am I in such need, of a vacation, or a revolution?
Anybody have any suggestions? Bubble baths don’t do too much for me, music has done a lot for me with learning 3 instruments its been relaxing and I am planning on having an ice cream date tomorrow after school, that is , if my parents say yes to it. But I need a change in atmosphere, setting or a revolution of some sort.