September 26 2008

everything that i really want i now have.
anything i could want... its just within my reach.
   helping, serving, trying, loving... its really been the better thing for me.
 finally living! been dying to live like that.
  i can say yes and i can say no, an' i dont have to explain a thing.
with taking initiative , sometimes, no one has your back. i keep walking ANYWAYS.
i dont need your approval.
 i've learned I've gotta be 100% even when there's only 25.
remained confident, at time when im not sure, now they want what i have.
i understand the girls, and they talk to me, the key is divine friendship, and Respect.
 i tell them what is, got them a prayer going up, i cant save them, just plant the seed.
 no need for pity, dont we all want something to blame!
              the pain of him has gone away. faded night turned to day.
 the only place it hurts is right at the scar he left me.
im okay,  i have forgotten so much. been forgiven & ive forgiven.
 had God's healing rain.
 now its different . i am happy though slightly contemplative, and highly audacious.
 and the thing is... it never was me! i never did it. i let God step in,
and he gave me a victory in a battle, an' i know there's still a war.
 this is what i came here for.