Training in Toronto

September 17 2005
As of Wednesday, God has given me another step. He is sending me to the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowing School of Ministry....long name, even longer list of reasons for going! Getting into the prophetic, intersession, prayer ministrys...oh, I so want to go! The confermation hasn't come yet, though and I need that before I can start making plans. If i am going to leave Coastal for Toronto, it would mean loosing my scholorship and other things like that. So, if my brothers and sisters can be in prayer for me, that would be amazing. Check out TACF online!


September 18 2005
omg wow is tha=t nathen. man i have known ben litarally my entire life. i go to there church to. wow well comment back


September 18 2005
definitely praying for you! you should email me! i'd love to know the details of all this!!