November 09 2006
So, lately I have been doing some thinking.... I normally dont like to think.
The other day I was really, really bored and no one was on gtalk to talk to, so I sat on my bed and thought. I thought about how I miss the days of having friends that would call to tell me they were bored.. or having friends that I could call and tell them I was bored. I loved those calls bc normally it meant I was going to their house or they would come here and just watch tv or we would put a movie in. No planning needed. Just a call. Or really just a text asking if I was home, then a few mins later the door bell would ring and there was my friend! I loved it!
I also miss the random calls that either didnt last long or lasted an hour or so just checking in and seeing what is up. I also had friends that would call bc they needed to talk about something, and once they were done that was it.

I miss not having to plan things with friends... just letting it happen. Now I dont really do a whole lot... we will occationally go to dinner, or to a movie, or the mall if we are not too busy, but it is a totally new group of friends. When we decide to do something it seems like it has to be planned out, bc someone might not be able to go, or we have to wait for me or someone else to get off work. I havent had someone over for a movie night in a long time! The last night that was sort of like the old days was the other day when Kenneth and Paul were hanging out and I started to watch tv with them then Kenneth asked me to make a cake and I did! Just like the old time! We would want a cake or cookies and I would start baking! I love it! I miss it!

I do love my new friends though! They are so much fun to be with! And they can make me go from having a horrible day to the best day! Even though they make fun of me more than my old friends did! They are awesome!
I love baking for them even more than I did the old group! They get more excited when I bake!

So, I miss the old days, but at the same time I love the new days!

I had to get the thoughts out....

Nathan Moore

November 11 2006
I like the pictures of the dogs you have in your photo box... very nice.