Jesse McKee

June 11 2006
Travis, I am pretty sure you are the only one that reads this.

I just wanted to tell you I was chatting with Mr McKee this weekend, he is such a funny guy!

We ended up talking about how you were the one that trained both of us,
and he said he hasn't heard for you in a while. Then BW and I told him
you were here Wednesday, and he thought it was odd that he didn't see
you. So, I told him that you were avoiding him because you don't like
him anymore. He asked if I was telling the truth, and I said "Yeah, we
were talking about you the other day and he said he couldn't stand
you!" Then he started thinking about what he might have done to make
you mad. He said "I can't think of anything that I did....." then I
ended up telling him that i was kidding.

He is a very gullible guy! It was quite funny!