Being Sick = No Fun!

May 18 2006
So, I decided to try this PhuseBox thing out! I don't know how I feel about blogs yet... I like them, and sometimes I like writing in them... but I do get tired of them. Well, I guess we will just have to see how this one goes!
Today was a good and bad day. It was a day of rest for me, which was good, but I had to call in sick. I woke up really sick, and was not happy! I have been doing contract work for Ed Young Ministries at FC on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but today I had to call in! I wasn't too happy about it! I like working there! My bud Mo is right down the hall and makes faces as he walks by... cracks me up! And, as the people that know me know, I love working for FC! Heck, if I'm not at home or school, I am chillin up there!
Man! I got a lot of rest today! I didn't officially get up until 5 pm! That is the longest I have stayed in my PJs, unshowered! It was good! I needed a good rest!
I also missed a friends concert... My bud Jason Shiflet was playing flute tonight. I am bummed I had to miss it!

Well, I should really work on my color theory homework... I am so excited..... (major sarcasm!)...