November 09 2006
So, lately I have been doing some thinking.... I normally dont like to think.
The other day I was really, really bored and no one was on gtalk to talk to, so I sat on my bed and thought. I thought about how I miss the days of having friends that would call to tell me they were bored.. or having friends that I could call and tell them I was bored. I loved those calls bc normally it meant I was going to their house or they would come here and just watch tv or we would put a movie in. No planning needed. Just a call. Or really just a text asking if I was home, then a few mins later the door bell would ring and there was my friend! I loved it!
I also miss the random calls that either didnt last long or lasted an hour or so just checking in and seeing what is up. I also had friends that would call bc they needed to talk about something, and once they were done that was it.

I miss not having to plan things with friends... just letting it happen. Now I dont really do a whole lot... we will occationally go to dinner, or to a movie, or the mall if we are not too busy, but it is a totally new group of friends. When we decide to do something it seems like it has to be planned out, bc someone might not be able to go, or we have to wait for me or someone else to get off work. I havent had someone over for a movie night in a long time! The last night that was sort of like the old days was the other day when Kenneth and Paul were hanging out and I started to watch tv with them then Kenneth asked me to make a cake and I did! Just like the old time! We would want a cake or cookies and I would start baking! I love it! I miss it!

I do love my new friends though! They are so much fun to be with! And they can make me go from having a horrible day to the best day! Even though they make fun of me more than my old friends did! They are awesome!
I love baking for them even more than I did the old group! They get more excited when I bake!

So, I miss the old days, but at the same time I love the new days!

I had to get the thoughts out....

Adventure Month

July 14 2006
So, today is the last day of Adventure Week # 1! Its been pretty good...

Next week I am learning the switcher, and the last two weeks I am directing! I am pretty excited!

Umm.. Oh! Once again I have been told Irving is trying to get me hired on. I have pretty much given up on getting too excited... But this time is sorta seems like something might happen. I have been contracting more. Now I get paid for filling in for the Video Director (volunteer) at Alliance, but I get paid for it! So basically they pay me 150 to push play! I like it! And I get to chill with Bill Smith! :)

Thats about it for now.....

Creation Fest

June 13 2006

This seems like a really cool concert! I had to make a poster for my Digital Imaging (Photoshop) class, and this was what I made. It's so pretty!
(At the bottom it has details about the event.)
(It looks better when it's not blurry)

Jesse McKee

June 11 2006
Travis, I am pretty sure you are the only one that reads this.

I just wanted to tell you I was chatting with Mr McKee this weekend, he is such a funny guy!

We ended up talking about how you were the one that trained both of us,
and he said he hasn't heard for you in a while. Then BW and I told him
you were here Wednesday, and he thought it was odd that he didn't see
you. So, I told him that you were avoiding him because you don't like
him anymore. He asked if I was telling the truth, and I said "Yeah, we
were talking about you the other day and he said he couldn't stand
you!" Then he started thinking about what he might have done to make
you mad. He said "I can't think of anything that I did....." then I
ended up telling him that i was kidding.

He is a very gullible guy! It was quite funny!


June 07 2006

I am in love with this dog! His name is Higgins. Mo got him from my best friend!
He is the smartest, cutiest dog ever!!

. . . .

June 03 2006
And I found out about two more today!

This is nuts!

That makes it 7 People! (M, K, T, T, Z, C, & R)


What a day!

May 31 2006
Today went from good to really bad really fast! I don't ever like days like this!

So far, in two ish months, the FC media department has fired 5 people! I am not at all happy! We have lost 2 cuties, a great friend, one sweet heart, and one... other. I already miss everyone like crazy! I can't believe they are getting rid of so many talented people! What's FC coming to?

Well, that is basically it...


May 25 2006

I need to know people so I can have a steady job, or more freelance jobs!!

I am tired of retail!

And I need to do something other than this :

Cheese Cake Factory...

May 21 2006
So, all I really have to say right now is.....


Every Saturday night the guys and I (Mo, Lance, Jason, Daniel P, and Brooke) go out to eat. Tonight Lance decided we are going to the Cheese Cake Factory since I have never been.. oh my goodness! Good food! I love cheese cake, and they have a really good chicken salad sandwich!

Okay, that's it.... I am off to bed!

Being Sick = No Fun!

May 18 2006
So, I decided to try this PhuseBox thing out! I don't know how I feel about blogs yet... I like them, and sometimes I like writing in them... but I do get tired of them. Well, I guess we will just have to see how this one goes!
Today was a good and bad day. It was a day of rest for me, which was good, but I had to call in sick. I woke up really sick, and was not happy! I have been doing contract work for Ed Young Ministries at FC on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but today I had to call in! I wasn't too happy about it! I like working there! My bud Mo is right down the hall and makes faces as he walks by... cracks me up! And, as the people that know me know, I love working for FC! Heck, if I'm not at home or school, I am chillin up there!
Man! I got a lot of rest today! I didn't officially get up until 5 pm! That is the longest I have stayed in my PJs, unshowered! It was good! I needed a good rest!
I also missed a friends concert... My bud Jason Shiflet was playing flute tonight. I am bummed I had to miss it!

Well, I should really work on my color theory homework... I am so excited..... (major sarcasm!)...