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February 19 2007
 i am tired of 90% of the ppl at meh school i am severing old friend ships that are bad for me and trying to start new ones. i dont fit in with one particular group i am friendly to everyone. most ppl like me but all i want is at least one person that i can relate to on the deepest levels while at the same time have fun( making silly movies, playing spies in the parking lott, hiding in clothes racks and whispering "pick me" when some one is looking through the clothes.) i love being me i wouldnt want to be anyone else i love my momsy and dadehy and samy sue( sister)(samantha) and my kitty sterling they make my life awsome but it would be awsome to have someone to talk to and really let loose around not having to make my walk through life alone but sharing it and making memories to look back on when times arnt so hot. idk lots of ppl probably feel this way idk but every where i look i see those best friend bracletts and charms and i wish i had someone like that. but the biggest thing that holds me back from having that is i am so different than others here in auburn and i have beliefs so yeah w/e but untill then ....