July 29 2005
DCI tonight! and guess who gets to go...ME!!! yay!

i think

July 28 2005
i think i had a good day.

i got blue and purple hair dye!


July 27 2005
i'm happy right now. i really am. and it's nice. sometimes it just takes one little thing to pick you up. but sometimes it just takes one little thing to bring you down...but i guess that's life. but it's all good, right? because everything's going to be okay. and no matter how bad your life may seem, somebody always has it worse than you. and one day, you're going to look back and realize that most of the stuff you worry about now is stupid. besides, life's really too short to worry, isn't it?

i guess that's just what's on my mind tonight. i love you all so much. and if you ever have a problem, i'm here. i'll listen or just sit with you or pray for you or cry with you or whatever. i love you.


July 27 2005
tonight was fun...

love is a many splendid thing...

July 27 2005
someone should come kidnap me today. that would be extremely cool.

fancy meeting you here.

July 26 2005
today was sooooo much fun. we had a picnic! and then me and stephy got CUPCAKES!!!! and we delivered cupcakes to people! then we had...BAND!!! which i was dreading...but it was cool. i like the music. then we went to the cookout thing...ehh. then FAZOLI'S!!! yay! i love EVERYONE!


July 25 2005
kid's castle. tomorrow (tuesday). 1:30. picnic. bring money for pizza. be there.


July 25 2005
we have milk AND chocolate (to put in the milk). and we have THREE kinds of poptarts. strawberry, CHERRY, and blueberry!!!!


July 25 2005
so...how are you?

can't wait

July 24 2005
i can't wait til band camp. :-)

guess what

July 23 2005
today i played some of the music almost right...almost. but it's all good. :-)

hellooooo all.

July 22 2005
so i have a mellophone sectional tomorrow...i really do hate mello. :-( hmmm...please make me hate it less...or at least be gooooood at it. please. mmm...i LOVE you. yes, you. :-) goodbye.

what i want today...

July 20 2005
today i want a garden. a BIG garden. with lots of pretty flowers. and a bench in the middle. where i can go to read or just think.

i want

July 19 2005
i want to be the princess!!!


July 18 2005
despite being stuck at home babysitting joey alot this morning/afternoon, i had a really good day. :-)

i'm complaining some

July 17 2005
i hate being the oldest! i don't want to be stuck here all day tomorrow. why do i have to babysit him??? it's not fair. i don't even get paid for babysitting. just because he's my brother, i'm expected to keep him free of charge and be happy about it. it's not that he's hard to keep or anything. he sits there all day and watches tv or plays playstation. but i can't leave and go do stuff with my friends. grrr


July 16 2005
anyone want to do something? if you do, give me a call. :-)


July 15 2005

sad post. but some happy.

July 14 2005
today was good. i had fun. (that was the happy.) but i wish i was happy right now. (that was the sad) i hope i get to go to the library tomorrow.

guess who...

July 13 2005
guess who needs a hug...

that's right...mady.