February 14 2006

so apparently brian is pregnant.

tell me a story... please? (not about how brian got pregnant. a story that will make me smile)

Sarah Vermillion

February 15 2006
I think the story of how Brian got pregnant would make me smile.

the brian king kenobi

February 15 2006
agh, vermillion beat me to saying that.

Michael Border-Line Pronounceable

February 16 2006
Once upon a time, there was a magical world where pretty pink ponies, rainbows, and lollipops were everywhere the eye could see! Then, a trans-dimensional gate appeared that lead to Jurassic Park! Forty-Million raptors poured out of the portal and proceded to hunt down and massacre every last one of the pretty pink ponies! THE END! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! ;)


February 18 2006
Well, i met this girl named mady, and she was the bestest ever!!!!--how's that?!?!?!? lol! Love ya Mady!!!