i have a question for yoooou.

December 12 2005

should i cut my hair? i have kind of been thinking about it for a few weeks. and i don't know what to do. i kind of want to. but i've been growing it out since like seventh grade. and i'm beginning to grow attached to it. so i don't know... what do you think? please answer?

i love you


December 13 2005
hmm...getting it cut could be good. just don't cut ALOT off. Maybe get some layers or something. or a mowhawk. haha.

the brian king kenobi

December 13 2005
shave it all away. now.


December 13 2005
Maybe you can keep most of the length and just get layers or some sort of new style... off course I tell myself I'll do that and never do... ha ha... please don't listen to Brian though!