Andrew Lykins


I have no life apparently

July 30 2006

Im wasting my time away on this blasted computer again.


July 30 2006
Holy Cow ! I just found Joe. You know the lost cow that I've been missing since Wed? He was in the field the entire time.

Stupid Joe

July 26 2006

It seems as though one of my cows have escaped. I can't find him anywhere. So if you happen to find Joe the Cow give me a call.



July 17 2006

Hi !

Im a little upset right now guys. One of my favoritest horses Jumper died last night. Im nto sure how but when I walked out to feed her there she was dead.

I hope ya'll have a marvelous day !

My Horses got out !

July 15 2006

Well guys all my horses got out of the fence this morning. I've been trying to round up in my Ford for forever. I just got back in the house. I still don't know how they all got out. I guess there was a hole in the fence I dunno. I just don't understand why all 34 of them had to get out why not like 3. It owuld have made it much easier on me ! Well im really nasty now so Im gonna go take a shower.


July 14 2006

Ok Im new to this thing so I really don't know what to put on here.

Hi Im Andrew I just graduated from Middle Tennessee Christian.

I drive a Ford.

I played football for my team.

I was #55.