May 12 2006

Sccchhhooooool's out for summer! 

                Sccchhhooooool's out FOREVER!

So, no more school for me. Fuck yeah. It is quite sad though. Went to Oakland talent show last night, had fun. Got kicked outta Taco Hell. Had Guitar Hero party. Woo hoo. Goin back to Oakland Monday to see Boss Tweed again. Thats all ive got...

This wonderful song moment made possible by Alice Cooper.

Sarah Vermillion

May 12 2006
Congratulations on graduation! You not going to college?

Edith Hogan

May 17 2006
i still cant believe you guys got kicked out of taco bell lol thats so hard to do lol actually considering the manager that was working that night its actually pretty easy


May 29 2006
a little blue kia spectra