A very bad day...

January 30 2006

Today was one of the worst days ive had in years...

First off, my car seriously went  crazy on my way to school, so i was stuck in the Walgreens parking lot. Then, i got to the hospital late for orientation for clinical internship. Luckily i found a way home from school (Thanks Trish and J Byrd). Then, as i was walking (yes, walking) to work, one of my friends from work just drives on by me on his way to work-didnt even stop. So yeah..im guessing its gonna cost me a few G's to fix my car, which means for the next few months or so i cant be spending any money. :-/

Jonathan Allmon

February 02 2006
I don't give a shit anymore about how people treat me. No one in this damn school even matters to me. I'm avoiding you because 1) I want nothing to do with Trish, and 2) because you say you don't want to take sides but you did before you even said it and it's blatantly obvious to everyone. You wanted an explanation and you got one. Now leave me alone.


February 03 2006
titty's up momma! oy. uh-oh, someone is being a drama queen up there. we all run along one of these, to bad they don't have the sense to be grown up& stop bitching about who hangs out with who& what you think is right. i love you sara!!! <3 rape me!

Jonathan Allmon

February 03 2006
I don't ever want to talk to Trish again. I really don't care about any of this. I want to be left alone. I want to avoid all of this shit. And it's not just you, I'm ignoring almost everyone.


February 09 2006
why are y damiting the baloons...? man im tired... cant spell! ~tRISH


February 16 2006
jon allmon-shut up!!!!!!!stop bitching about your popularity-you dont have any.grow up!!!! sara i love you!!!BAMF!!!!!!!!!!!!!