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Let\'s is my attempt to fit what you need to know about me in a tiny little box....well, my name is Lindsay if you didn\'t already know that. I am an only child and I have lived in Tennessee all my life. Let\'s see...what do I love?? God (first and foremost); Jason (my amazing boyfriend); my family, Sarah (my best friend); All of my other fabulous friends (not even gonna try putting you all down because I don\'t wanna leave anyone know who you are and I love ya like crazy); my church youth group(I love you guys! Sarah, Kyle, Jason, Jessica, Elisha, Josh, Jess, James, Jessi, Steven, Justin, Jeffrey, Tyler, Hope, Jordan, Emilee, Bethany, Zachary, Harrison, Donna, Tracy, all of our older young folks willing to help: Jamie, Jeff, Annie, Joe, Lori, and we have the bestest Youth Director ever (maybe I am just partial though because he is my cousin\'s husband) Chris, is the greatest, If I left anyone off here, trust me it was not intentional; singing; the color pink (I also an in a total green mode); pina colada popscicles; hugs; kisses on the cheek; brightly colored daisies; a good book; music; movies; shopping; lip gloss; flip-flops (okay, well shoes in general); going to the park; white-water rafting; going to the mountains; sofball; volleyball; taking pictures; writing; drawing; cool autumn days; sunny spring days; my cell phone; my UT teddy-bear that Jason got me; I have a \"Got Jesus?\" t-shirt...I totally love that; dressing up; line dancing (not very good, but it\'s fun); football games; ice hockey games; going on car-rides to no where in particular; trips to the bookstore with Jessica and Elisha; Special K fruit and yogurt ceral...that stuff is awesome; helping people; roller coasters; making people smile; making people laugh; cuddling on the couch with Jason; fireworks; frozen grapes; bonfires in the fall; getting emails; making new friends; comments! I totally love getting comments!! I like to comment back too!; swimming...well I am going to run out of room and that would suck...

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November 03 2005
Let's name is Lindsay. I live in Tennessee! I have the most fantabulous boyfriend in the whole wide world. I love you Jason!!! I have the greatest friends in the whole world...but I am not going to take the time to mention you all right now! I am majoring in elementary education. I want to teach 2nd grade. I love my church! I love my youth group!!! I am sitting in the computer lab at school bored out of my mind right now because my next class doesn't start for a few hours. I need to be doing homework right now, but as you can see I am procrastinating by making one of these things...thanks Shelby!! I have alot of homework to catch up on this weekend...big paper due in a week and a half! I am doing better in school this semester than last! Yay ME!! Well anyways...gotta jet...I will write more later! Luv ya!