May 19 2006

In this world there are so many voices yelling at us, each one pulling us in it its own direction.  Off in the distance I here a still, quiet voice that some how is louder than the rest.  This voice is the voice of Truth, the voice of Christ, calling me toward Him.  His voice is not like the others and His direction is unknown.  The choice to follow His voice is easy the question is how do I break free from all the other voices that are pulling me away from Christ: the voice that wants a big house, the voice that wants a family, and the voice that wants money and power?  The answer is quite simple seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be given to you.  I have a mansion in heaven, as a member of the body of Christ I have a family, and there is no greater riches and no power greater than that which I posses in Christ.  God is sovereign, the quietest voice is the loudest, and it is His voice only that I long to here.


July 10 2006
yes i know i'm crazy....but you know you still love me!!! haha!! i hope your having an amazing summer!!