Remembering 2005

January 22 2006

So, the New Year is here.  Time for reflection of the past year.  2005 was a big year for me. This time last year I was packing up my house in preparation for a move. What things do I remember from the past year?

Moving to Gulf Shores, AL March 28th - Love it here just miss the family.

April 9, 2005 - 2 years since Mom died- hard to believe she has been gone that long. I miss her so much.

May- meeting up with family in Birmingham for cousin Lorrie's wedding.  I enjoyed getting to see all my cousins and my family from Nashville.  Good Times!

June 2005 - Dad and Betty came to visit. 

 Ricky and Johnny came to stay with us for 3 weeks over the summer in June.  Good times at the Beach Club and Phoenix V.  Bhew Bhew. Ricky naked falling in the sand, Johnny passing out on the sidewalk at the Beach Club and too many other good memories to list.

June- Going back to TN for Ning Ning's surprise birthday party. The look on her face was priceless.

July- Going back to Tennessee because we were evacuated for hurricane Dennis- our first evacuation.  We got broke in real good in 2005 with the hurricanes. We stayed with Tammy and Kevin and had lots of fun.

August-  Going back to TN for fantasy football draft. I did not do so well with my draft but still had a good time, especially with Tammy coloring our hair at midnight. Sharon, my hair is f****** purple. LOL. Savannah starts school and turns 4 years old.  Started a new job. Evacuated again, for hurricane Katrina - we went to Montgomery and stayed at the Hampton Inn awaiting the news of Hurricane Katrina.  We were fortunate once again to have had no damage... Thank you Lord! 

October - Traveled to San Antonio, Tx to see Ricky White graduate from Air force.  I am so glad we got to go, as I am so proud of him.  I enjoyed sharing a room with Dad, Ronnie, Tammy, Ashley, Bill and Savannah. I did however, not enjoy sharing the room with the intolerable feces. LOL . I did enjoy Ronnie acting like Erkyl with his sweats pulled up to his chest and Ashley with the kleenex in her nose.  LOL

November- First Thanksgiving here away from family...... made me sad but spent it with friends from church.

December - Christmas at the beach was really neat.  The community did neat things for the holiday.  The only thing that was not good was being away from family however we spent Christmas Day with our friends from Florida.

New Years Eve-  probably most boring ever!  I was sick. Bill was at work and Savannah was asleep until just before midnight. She woke up in time to ring in the new year with me. 

Of course, the best thing about 2005 was to have spent another year with my wonderful husband Bill and precious daughter Savannah.  They are my life and I love them so much!

That is just a few reflections I have of 2005.  I am sure there are many more I missed but those were key ones for me.  Looking forward to see what 2006 brings!

Happy New Year!!!!!