March 20 2006

Well guys...it's been a while and i figured this was a noteworthy topic. this evening at the Grind Cafe i have realized that i just had the first REAL true discussion about issues concerning topics from girlfriends and boyfriends taken all the way to our governments society and economy. this is the first time in my life i have sat down with a group of people for about an hour and a half and talked nonstop about things we believe, truly care about, and feel that should be talked about. it was incredible. i have never had that much to say on so many subjects and knew what i was talking about and respected everyone's opinion on the matters whether or not i believed them. these people did the same for everything i had to say. it really opened up a door for me because things were said that i've never truly sat down and thought about. how we live our lives and how other people live theirs and how they all coincide with one another. it was crazy, but awesome. just thought that i would bring this to your attention. give it a try.



March 21 2006
That's pretty cool. I've felt that way before. See what happens when people communicate?? :-)

Aaron Massey

April 02 2006
yes, conversations like that are amazing