yay...it's back!!!

December 30 2005

i'm sure i'm positive most other people will be with me in saying "WELCOME BACK PHUSEBOX!" i've missed you. i had to temporarily resort back to this "xanga" thing. heh. oh well...things are back to normal.

lately, nothing of true importance has gone one.....except for Christmas....that was cool. haha. i got the laptop that i am currently on and a new Gibson ES-335 guitar....SOOOOOOO sweet. haha. i love them both. i bought a buncha junk for my laptop today. and tomorrow i think i might get more to finish it off. haha. i'm spoiling myself. a wireless optical mouse, a USB/monitor/audio/other stuff docking hub, an external soundcard which is awesome! haha. i got this all today to accompany the laptop and the 160 GB external harddrive i bought a few days ago. haha. in the next few days is a surround system...nice one for 60 bucks...father is paying half...i'm excited....yay computer stuff! well i might go play some more Start Wars: Battlefront II...so laters. out