Presents, Urine, and Snow

December 08 2005

well guys...i'm about to get into this whole Christmas thing...haha...i make it sound like it's no big deal. well i'm starting to really get to the point to where it is...i need to purchase things for my loved ones...but i have no idea what to do for most people...a few people i have some ideas. so i need to get crackin' on this whole gift thing-a-ma-bob. heh.

wanna talk about friend's dog urinated on my leg this evening. ain't that somthin'? haha. i really didn't know how to feel. it was's never happened before, and i hope it will never happen ever again. it was funny though. oh well




December 09 2005
hahahaha...that sux about the dog.i won $100 from my friend cuz she said we would get out of school...look we're still here!!!

Chad W

December 10 2005
Don't feel bad, I usually wait until Christmas Eve or after to purchase gifts for people. I hate the whole shopping thing. Okay, okay truth be told, I hate making decisions. But anyways this year is special as I have a 3 month old niece to buy for :D