new phone...ROCK!

December 03 2005

well guys...this is my new phone....ROCK! haha. it was a wee bit expensive but it was an early Christmas gift for myself. it's really cool. and it's not pink i promise...i thought so too when i saw it on the net...but it's actually VERY red. haha. adios


Emilio Estevez

December 03 2005 gonna buy me one for christmas?


December 04 2005
are you saying pink phones are bad? hahah. my phone is pink. it looks like a fake barbie phone. but i like your phone very nice =)

Christopher Horne

December 05 2005
man, a new phone in general is awesome, but that one is just sweet. the senior pics look good man. I think you're the only one I've seen who can do the smile without teeth and not look stupid. have a good week man.


December 06 2005
YEA THAT PIC DOES LOOK GOOD!!!hahahahahah.i think iv seen u before.was ur band at the battle last sunday??