Cranium owns!!

November 30 2005

well's time for another moment for us to take a look at the life of Kyle...haha. i just got back from a friend of mine's house, JR. it was fun. most of the people we work with got together and played a big game of Cranium. it was pretty intense! haha. lots of yelling and screaming...we're a loud bunch, haha. it was a lot of fun.

other than working and going to school. my life has been pretty humdrum. droning on and on with my everyday stuff, computer, and music, and friends when i get the chance. haha. but hopefully all of that will spark up soon with the coming of the holidays. i can't wait. haha. still gotta Christmas shop...oh joy! haha. that's all. everyone have a good and safe evening.



December 01 2005
What up! You're getting me something for Christmas right?