One Day Women Will All Become Monsters

November 25 2005

such a good song by Chiodos. hahah. anyways

i've been working a whole lot lately. i know i whine about that a lot, but it's true. oh well. that's how life goes....i really want a new car i guess it'll be all worth it in the end. cuz then insurance will be on me and no longer my parents' responsibility...woo! gas and insurance...i'll be a big boy with a car in my name. haha.

thanksgiving was great though. had a few good eats at work...then the feast at the homestead....delicious! *rubs tummy* haha. hope that it all went well for everyone else as well. for holidays, Christmas approaches us all....what ever shall we do? i know...freaking shop! haha. from what i hear, it's complete chaos everywhere. i saw an enormous group of women battling over button-up shirts while a guy was tossing them onto the pile from a distance because he was apparently too affraid to get mauled by these shopping-crazed women. this was on the news earlier on. that's insane. but i guess it's gotta get done. i just wish everyone to keep safe. haha...people are brutal.

well guys. i'm out....


Emilio Estevez

November 28 2005
i'm thinking that those women need to chill...or carry around guns...either way it gets thie fighting over with