Suddenly Everything Has Changed

November 23 2005

That's a good song by the Postal Service, and it fits well with myself at the time.

Last night the show went alright i was more of a goof off show than it should have been. the two bands i was wanting to see and play with and meet didn't even show. they pulled out between a week and a month ago. we didn't even know about it until last night. so it ended up being us and Mason. the guys from Mason were alright, i'm not fond of their music, they are talented, but not my thing really. as for personalities, they seemed alright until the end. when they just left and didn't give us a good job or nice playing with you. they just thanked us for watching them. that's it...i find that sort of rude. but whatever...i'll probably never see them again. but maybe i will...i dunno. but the show was fun. i moved around a lot more, so i had a lot more fun on stage, especially knowing there weren't a million people there to watch my every was more like 20. haha.'s all good though. hopefully we'll be getting a new singer soon...that'll make our problems go away...i hope. ha

but yeah...things have still been confusing, but i think stuff is starting to clear up a bit as of recently. but i'll see....the stuff that comes along with fun of senior year can really put your head in a spin. cuz you realize that you won't see a lot of people EVER again. and it really makes you sad. i've always had the theory of live mostly for the present and worry about the future when it gets here...especially during highschool...i know things will be a little different once i get to college and start my life outside of the comfort of mommy and daddy and my best friends. but i mean. as for now. i just wanna have fun, and be a kid. and do things that kids do. go out, date, party, that kinda stuff. but as i get closer and closer to my "adulthood" it gets harder. so, i guess what i'm trying to say is that i don't think i'm ready for that. there's still a lot of stuff i guess i feel like that i wanna accomplish in a short amount of time to make my senior year feel more worthwhile...but who knows, it might not happen. we'll see.....this is just a rant. nothing serious. haha. just a good way for me to get my thoughts and words straight for whenever i talk to people about stuff. thanks guys. later