April 07 2006

WE GOT GERMAN EXCHANGE STUDENTS!!! it's really cool...these are most of them with some of us mingled in....we all hung out. they rock! haha



March 20 2006

Well guys...it's been a while and i figured this was a noteworthy topic. this evening at the Grind Cafe i have realized that i just had the first REAL true discussion about issues concerning topics from girlfriends and boyfriends taken all the way to our governments society and economy. this is the first time in my life i have sat down with a group of people for about an hour and a half and talked nonstop about things we believe, truly care about, and feel that should be talked about. it was incredible. i have never had that much to say on so many subjects and knew what i was talking about and respected everyone's opinion on the matters whether or not i believed them. these people did the same for everything i had to say. it really opened up a door for me because things were said that i've never truly sat down and thought about. how we live our lives and how other people live theirs and how they all coincide with one another. it was crazy, but awesome. just thought that i would bring this to your attention. give it a try.


Happy Birthday to ME!!!

March 06 2006

well..here it is..my 18th birthday...i'm finally 18...so what did i do? went to Olive Garden, opened my present from my parents...which so happened to be a new Wah Pedal...yay! then i smoked me a cigar with my dad...i had to talk him into it...but it was cool. but yeah...it was a nice birthday...thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and whatnot...thanks guys


blah blah blah

February 12 2006

figured i hadn't updated in a while. nothing spectacular going on really. buying my Bonnaroo ticket sometime soon. hopefully before they go up if they haven't already. gonna be such a good show. hopefully we're outa school tomorrow...then i can chill and not work. oh joy. haha. well...good day


Kentucky and Bonnaroo

February 03 2006

well...tomorrow mornin i'm to Lexington Kentucky bright and early. i'm going to watch my sister swim and see her on her "Senior Day." should be pretty cool. UK is pretty much acknowledging (sp?) the seniors and what not. should be interesting.

in other news....i'm TOTALLY going to BONNAROO this summer. Radiohead, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Beck...that's just the headliners!!! i don't care about the "atmostphere" or the mud or whatever...that's gonna be a freaking awesome show! yessir.



January 22 2006

me = tired...that's all



January 17 2006

it's snowing.....WHAT NOW RUTHERFORD COUNTY!!!!!


Pool halls and pants

January 08 2006

pool halls = fun stuff

buying pants = pain the butt


Star Wars

January 04 2006

well guys...i've found my new craze for a while....and the winner is....*bum bum bum* STAR WARS!! heh. i've been watching all the movies in order starting with Episode I for the past few days....i just finished watching Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.....it's SOOO good. heh. tomorrow i start the original but final three movies. i haven't watched them in a while. i've also been playing Star Wars Battlefront II for my PC....it's SO much fun. it took me while to really get into it but i've been rifling through it for a few days now....it makes me happy that i'm a dork. haha. well that's it. sleep well all.


school times

January 02 2006

well guys....i guess it's about that time again...school is back in session for another semester...how grand, right? haha. i'm looking forward to getting back into it....get it through with...then i'm done. woo. the only thing i am NOT looking forward to is this darned memorization passage for english....which i have yet to even look at. blah. oh well.

anyways, i just got a set of surround sound speakers for my laptop and well...they rock. good speakers. makes my gaming a lot more enjoyable...considering i don't have to use headphones anymore. that's all. good day to you all


yay...it's back!!!

December 30 2005

i'm sure i'm positive most other people will be with me in saying "WELCOME BACK PHUSEBOX!" i've missed you. i had to temporarily resort back to this "xanga" thing. heh. oh well...things are back to normal.

lately, nothing of true importance has gone one.....except for Christmas....that was cool. haha. i got the laptop that i am currently on and a new Gibson ES-335 guitar....SOOOOOOO sweet. haha. i love them both. i bought a buncha junk for my laptop today. and tomorrow i think i might get more to finish it off. haha. i'm spoiling myself. a wireless optical mouse, a USB/monitor/audio/other stuff docking hub, an external soundcard which is awesome! haha. i got this all today to accompany the laptop and the 160 GB external harddrive i bought a few days ago. haha. in the next few days is a surround system...nice one for 60 bucks...father is paying half...i'm excited....yay computer stuff! well i might go play some more Start Wars: Battlefront II...so laters. out



December 09 2005
ACT....don't wanna!

Presents, Urine, and Snow

December 08 2005

well guys...i'm about to get into this whole Christmas thing...haha...i make it sound like it's no big deal. well i'm starting to really get to the point to where it is...i need to purchase things for my loved ones...but i have no idea what to do for most people...a few people i have some ideas. so i need to get crackin' on this whole gift thing-a-ma-bob. heh.

wanna talk about embarassment.......my friend's dog urinated on my leg this evening. ain't that somthin'? haha. i really didn't know how to feel. it was awkward...it's never happened before, and i hope it will never happen ever again. it was funny though. oh well




December 06 2005

i hate being irratable...it's just been one of those days...for no reason at all. then as the day progresses, the irratability makes things happen and you get even more pissed....screw days like this? i can't wait for something else to go wrong!


new phone...ROCK!

December 03 2005

well guys...this is my new phone....ROCK! haha. it was a wee bit expensive but it was an early Christmas gift for myself. it's really cool. and it's not pink i promise...i thought so too when i saw it on the net...but it's actually VERY red. haha. adios


I don't like sleet

December 02 2005
need i say more?

Cranium owns!!

November 30 2005

well guys...it's time for another moment for us to take a look at the life of Kyle...haha. i just got back from a friend of mine's house, JR. it was fun. most of the people we work with got together and played a big game of Cranium. it was pretty intense! haha. lots of yelling and screaming...we're a loud bunch, haha. it was a lot of fun.

other than working and going to school. my life has been pretty humdrum. droning on and on with my everyday stuff, computer, and music, and friends when i get the chance. haha. but hopefully all of that will spark up soon with the coming of the holidays. i can't wait. haha. still gotta Christmas shop...oh joy! haha. that's all. everyone have a good and safe evening.


One Day Women Will All Become Monsters

November 25 2005

such a good song by Chiodos. hahah. anyways

i've been working a whole lot lately. i know i whine about that a lot, but it's true. oh well. that's how life goes....i really want a new car though...so i guess it'll be all worth it in the end. cuz then insurance will be on me and no longer my parents' responsibility...woo! gas and insurance...i'll be a big boy with a car in my name. haha.

thanksgiving was great though. had a few good eats at work...then the feast at the homestead....delicious! *rubs tummy* haha. hope that it all went well for everyone else as well.

well...as for holidays, Christmas approaches us all....what ever shall we do? i know...freaking shop! haha. from what i hear, it's complete chaos everywhere. i saw an enormous group of women battling over button-up shirts while a guy was tossing them onto the pile from a distance because he was apparently too affraid to get mauled by these shopping-crazed women. this was on the news earlier on. that's insane. but i guess it's gotta get done. i just wish everyone to keep safe. haha...people are brutal.

well guys. i'm out....



November 24 2005

i'd just like to wish everyone a happy Turkey Day and i hope that everyone has had more than enough to eat and be thankful for! have a good day everyone!!!


Suddenly Everything Has Changed

November 23 2005

That's a good song by the Postal Service, and it fits well with myself at the time.

Last night the show went alright i guess....it was more of a goof off show than it should have been. the two bands i was wanting to see and play with and meet didn't even show. they pulled out between a week and a month ago. we didn't even know about it until last night. so it ended up being us and Mason. the guys from Mason were alright, i'm not fond of their music, they are talented, but not my thing really. as for personalities, they seemed alright until the end. when they just left and didn't give us a good job or nice playing with you. they just thanked us for watching them. that's it...i find that sort of rude. but whatever...i'll probably never see them again. but maybe i will...i dunno. but the show was fun. i moved around a lot more, so i had a lot more fun on stage, especially knowing there weren't a million people there to watch my every move...it was more like 20. haha. tops......haha...it's all good though. hopefully we'll be getting a new singer soon...that'll make our problems go away...i hope. ha

but yeah...things have still been confusing, but i think stuff is starting to clear up a bit as of recently. but i'll see....the stuff that comes along with fun of senior year can really put your head in a spin. cuz you realize that you won't see a lot of people EVER again. and it really makes you sad. i've always had the theory of live mostly for the present and worry about the future when it gets here...especially during highschool...i know things will be a little different once i get to college and start my life outside of the comfort of mommy and daddy and my best friends. but i mean. as for now. i just wanna have fun, and be a kid. and do things that kids do. go out, date, party, that kinda stuff. but as i get closer and closer to my "adulthood" it gets harder. so, i guess what i'm trying to say is that i don't think i'm ready for that. there's still a lot of stuff i guess i feel like that i wanna accomplish in a short amount of time to make my senior year feel more worthwhile...but who knows, it might not happen. we'll see.....this is just a rant. nothing serious. haha. just a good way for me to get my thoughts and words straight for whenever i talk to people about stuff. thanks guys. later



November 20 2005

well guys...once again it's time for another Wait For Daybreak show!!!! haha...maybe i can get a few people to come out to this one???? PLEASE! haha. it's Tuesday evening at the Muse with The Fully Down ( www.myspace.com/thefullydown ), Post Break Tragedy ( www.myspace.com/postbreaktragedy ), and Mason ( www.myspace.com/mason ). .....it will be a good show...i promise! come out and have a good time...the show is 7 dollars and starts roughly around 7 p.m. we'd really appreciate anyone to just come and see us play...it's cool little thing. and the other bands are pretty rockin' too. well guys, hopefully we'll see you out there...if you need any other information...let me know...later



November 18 2005

well....things have been interesting...that show. a waste. we didn't play. i had to be back in town by 11...the show started over an hour late and we ended not being able to play. so whatever. in school, we are writing ballads for english, i was excited...but then my group and i wrote ours....i'm not proud of it in the least....no offense to any of my group members...but i got in a group of giddy girls and i'm not fond of our ballad in the least, i just have to play guitar behind it. whatever. last night i saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire....i was disappointed. there could have been SO much more stuff in that movie. from the standpoint of JUST the movie...i would say it was good...directed very well...props to Mike Newell....but compared to the book...it wasn't that great. it skipped around too much...left out a lot of important information, and left out some really cool parts. so i'm kind of on both sides on liking it and not liking it...i think i liked it more than not though. so i suggest it to any Harry Potter fans...but those of you who also read the books...you'll more than likely be disappointed in the content. as a result of seein that movie last night and getting home at 3 in the morning, i've been exhausted. this morning in German III i ate 4 LARGE brownies, a bowl of icecream, a cup of coffee and a mug of milk...it was grand...Brownie Day was awesome. in result of that, i ate not even half of my lunch. whatever. haha. i worked this evening...nothing special...just the droning of old people talking and complaining and whatnot. not i'm bored...someone save me!



November 15 2005

Well...Wait For Daybreak has a show tomorrow at the Muse in Nashville...it's on 4th ave.....it starts roughly at 7 p.m. we are playing with Vena Amori, The Cardinal Sin, and Super Black Market. the show should be pretty good. the cover charge is around 7 dollars...that's the usual charge...this is really short notice, i know...for us and you guys. so, if you wanna come support us...it won't be a long show...but should be cool. and there's a possibility we could get people in for free...never know...haha. well check it guys!



November 10 2005

don't you just hate confusion. when it seems like something makes sense and all the pieces fit together, you figure out there are actually a few pieces missing from the puzzle. they are little things, but without them, the picture isn't complete. i've felt that way recently with a few different things. it's just annoying, not knowing what's going on with your own life and how other people are affecting it. i mean, for the most part, everything is grand...just some things and people set my head spinning into a complete state of dillusion, and i just don't know what to think. one day, something can seem like a concrete fact, then the next day it's like it was never true...it's all really confusing and irritating. and for those of you who really know me, i don't really like being left in the dark about stuff, i like to know exactly what's going on. i mean...to quote myself "Do What Now?" i just wanna get things in the clear and just know what's going on. blah...i hate being confused. but for the most part...things are fine, school, the band, work, friends....just those little puzzle pieces that make the picture incomplete that annoy the shit out of you. OUT


it owned!

November 05 2005

song of the day: "Bloodsuckers pt II" by As Cities Burn

well...last night was the EMERY show and it owned. As Cities Burn put on an AWESOME show...they are really really good. i bought their cd and a shirt...and the cd is awesome! next was Gym Class Heroes...they were better than i had originally given them credit for. if you like hip hop in the least, you'd like them. it was really cool. then...holy whoa...He Is Legend. ALL OF THEM ARE CRAZY!! haha. the lead singer ran out frantically in a HUGE top hot, silk vest and wife beater, eye makeup, long brown hair, big ol' beard and threw bread into the crowd from a bagged loaf....haha...it was great...i had NO clue what was going on. they put on a good show. i was down in the pit for that one. then finally, EMERY played. it was crazy-awesome! i was right up front for this one. they opened with So Cold That I Could See My Breath and it was so good. they played a lot of good songs...but not Listening to Freddie Mercury...which made me sad...but they closed with Walls...that was CRAZY!!!! haha. i flipped out. i love that song. at one point, the keyboardist took a mic stand with a mic on it and stuck it into the crowd...Weston and I automatically grabbed it and started singing into it...it was awesome! the lead singer also shook my hand in the crowd, which i was cool...i just stuck out my hand, and he acknowledged it and shook my hand...it was really cool. but yeah...the showed kicked. didn't get home till 2 in the morning..but oh well..it was worth it...rock!