Cassie Frye




An Experience to Remember...

June 14 2007

 Before that day, I have never been in a similar situation. Standing there, I didnt even remember a time when I actually rode oneexcept for those kiddy rides that were not scary at all. Believe me when I say that it was not as scary, as high, or as monstrous as the one that stood right before me, casting a big shadow over my face.


Despite my fear I had to go. I knew I did. The others were counting on me, so in my quiet mind I harbored all my anxious thoughts. I couldnt back out, I couldnt be a chicken.  


But it looks so scary, I tell myself. How am I going to ride that? It would be best to get out while I can. 


I told myself so many things that before I knew it I was next in line. I gulped real hard and walked up taking my seat and fastening the bar before me. My heart was pounding by then. I felt as if everyone could hear the beatings of my heart.  


Suddenly, the cart began to move, ever so slowly, almost like a snail. I remember wanting it to go fast, just for the sake of getting it over with. Alas, though, it didnt change anything as it crept up and up, higher and higher into the sky.  My hold on the bars tightened and I shut my eyes praying to God to spare my life, praying that I wouldnt die. I was sure that I would. Finally the cart slows down even more and with my eyes still closed I know it is coming.


WHOOSH the cart flew down and jerked my body left and right, side to side, going up and down. I screamed at the top of my lungs, and now shouted my prayer to God, to spare me. I went faster and faster and then before I knew it, the cart began to slow down. I opened, my eyes and then as the cart finally stopped, only one feeling came to merelief.


I had concurred the roller coaster.


Hope you enjoyed the little writing thing. I was bored and thought I'd write about my experience riding "Goliath" at SixFlags. (: