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When "Prince Charming" Comes

June 09 2007

Have you ever wondered who your "prince charming" charming would be? I guess not many do. I don't speak for all, though, becasue I know there are some who probably think about it too


I was reading a book, "Courting Troubles" by Deann Gist (great author by the way) and it's basicly about this woman who is 30 years old, and has not married, and has not had anyone take interest in her. She then decides to take matters into her own hands by picking a guy and pinning him as her future husband. Well, I won't spoil the story but many can guess what happens. She later gets into a big trouble and does something that could ultimatly destroys her future as a possible wife. Some can guess, but again, I will not say what she did.


Anyway, that story got me thinking how there really is a PERFECT person that God has set out for us. We can imagine who our future husband is and fanticize him being a certain person, but ultimatly we don't know until we meet them and God shows us. We have no clue who our "prince charming" is, when we are going to meet them, and when we are going to fall in love. That is all a mystery.


In today's society with Fastaccess DSL, cell phones, jets, etc, we are accustumed to having everything at a rapid pace. I guess when reading this book it got me thinking a lot. Do I really want to wait years and years for that RIGHT person or do I want to "settle" and be miserable? I'd chose the first, as many would, but that is sometimes really hard to do.


What inspires me in this wait is the example that my Youth Leader set. He was 35 when he married, and had known his wife, Emily for around ten years. Things brought them apart, but they waited for their perfect mate and in God's perfect timeing, they married. Sure, waiting is hard--and I can say that I am not the most patient person-- but when brought in persepective it is better to wait for that person than be miserable. Better someday than now.


"For what is seen is temperary but what is unseen is eternal"


June 09 2007
It is so worth the wait for the right guy! God's way is rarely exactly what we expect, but it's always best!