May 29 2006

Have you ever had something to tell your best friend but don tkno how to break the news to them?  Idk if I should tell her and loose a good friend or not and save the friendship? What do I do??

*-*!~The One And Only Candace~!*-*

May 29 2006
so0o0o0o who's this friend!!! and if it was me i would say sumthing but tell her u still want to be firned..... well it really depends on what the problem is!! well bye love candace


May 30 2006
i agree with candace. message me about it.

Becca Hicks

May 31 2006
hey met me at the cookout thingy friday night... well, if they're REALLY a good friend, nothing should come between you. i know that i can tell my best friend anything and we'd still be strong. that's just my opinion


July 06 2006
i love my karus! <3

*-*!~The One And Only Candace~!*-*

July 12 2006
Hey karus...... &hearts;Candace

Emily Oberry

July 17 2006
karus...happy birthday... if it was me i would want you to tell me... chances are if that person is really a good friend then she will completely understand even if she is mad at ya ~*Emily*~

*-*!~The One And Only Candace~!*-*

November 25 2006
Hey U realli need to up~date this thing i mean 4 real! well ttyl <3 Candace

*-*!~The One And Only Candace~!*-*

November 27 2006
KARUSSSS!!!!!!!!! hey im bored! well bye

*-*!~The One And Only Candace~!*-*

December 18 2006
Loser Face