May 25 2006

Okay..Have you ever liked some1 soo much that you cant stand the fact that they are leaivng for good...?  Well yea..you guessed it thats how I feel about HIM!! I dont kno what to do..Should I tell him or Not??? HELP ME

Rebekah Lewis

May 26 2006
I don't know... I kinda think you should tell him... When is he leaving? If he's leaving at the beginning of the summer tell him now... If he's leaving at the end of summer tell him later... or give him enough hints that he can figure it out...

whitley groves

January 10 2008
Trust me i have learned from experience that it is best to tell him now and just get it over with so dont be shy and just GO 4 IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!