May 18 2006

Today while I was sitting in 2nd period I was thinking about everything...

Mixed Emotions


I get these emotions when I see your face

Emotions I don’t want to get.

This is a mystery…one big case

It feels like there’s something missing, but I don’t want to bet.


When I catch you looking over at me,

I try not to look back until you turn away.

But it is extremely hard; you see

I think of you each and every day.


You’re always on my mind

No matter day or night.

I think you’re amazing and kind,

But I still cannot tell if you are, Mr. Right.


I don’t know what to do with out you by my side,

And really cant imagine my life without you around.

My time with you has been a really bumpy slip-n-slide.

I am truly gonna miss your sound.


I am gonna miss your style

And just all.

But I'm gonna be alright if you call me once in awhile…

Maybe I’ll give you a call.


By: ME!!