Kaylie Dulaney


Relationship Status



March 22 2006

Ok, SOOO Kaylie is not longer going to Prom with Justin. He wanted a limo, i did not, i refused, and he wanted to go with another, AFTER we had had plans with my group, so we're not attending the prom together anymore...i'm over it...SO...anyone up for Blackman Prom '06? yea i didn't think so..prom's like less than a month away, and everyone has a date except you Kaylie, you're just a big loser, and no one would ever want to go with you. Justin only felt sorry for you...Wow, i'm a loser


l a u r e n b e a s l e y.

March 22 2006
you were sitting in front of your mirror behind your door when you took that picture :)