Kaylie Dulaney


Relationship Status



February 17 2006

Hey everyone. i'm at school and it's a half day today!!! and then after school i get to go and pick up my new car!! it's a white 1998 mercedes. great condition...i'm so excitd about this all!! i get a new car, and i get a free new cell phone!! AGGGHHH!! nothing is better!! lol. tonight i got off of work so that i could hang out with Jessica Jo....BUT NOOOO Jessica does not like me, she goes off and makes other plans without me. so i get to enjoy my new car all alone. i'll probably end up sitting at home....OR NOT i WILL do something tonight. whether i am by myself or not...i refuse to sit on my butt all night. Matt, Diane, and Mr. Allan are coming in today. Matt has a vocal audition 2morro for MTSU. so tonight, my 'rents and his 'rents are going out to eat....maybe me and Matt can have a date. Maybe not. oh well. if not i can always do something with Kristin or Lauren or Holly and/or Kaitlyn. They are really cool peeps, i might decide to do that, not sure yet. But umm pretty sure my car doesn't have a CD player, and that's the only downside, so i'm taking my car to electronic express saturday while i'm at work, to see if i can have the cd player put in the car. the lowest price in $75 bucks!! pretty sure i'd rather not pay it, but i have to have a CD player. si if anybody knows of someone who can install a CD player, PLEASE tell me, for cheaper then $75 bucks. ok well i'm out! TTYL!!