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January 24 2006



i have decided that since everybody else has a post about this, then i should too...Well i REALLY wanna go..it's

my senior prom, and it's going to be amazing (or atleast i think so) i love getting dressed up....and it will be the last time the senior class will be together, before graduation...which is kinda sad... the subject is kinda tiring somewhat..i wanna go, but i don't really have a date... I asked someone and got rejected...so yea i'm that big of a loser....then Shandy's b/f..Brad..his lil brother Matt, said he'd take me if i had no one else to take...which is sad, cuz it's kinda like a pity date, so i'm happy that i atleast have a back-up date, but i'd rather go with a friend of mine...which i don't have many of, so that's gonna be a problem...oh well... yea i really wish someone would ask me because they think i'd be a fun date, NOT because of an interest in me....which isn't a bad thing if they are, but if a guy asks me, i don't want him to assume that i think he likes me, i wanna go and have fun...thats what i've always pictured my prom as...having fun and hanging out with friends. Oh well...enuff rambling..ttyl Kaylie

Megan Polis

January 24 2006
Kaylie, will you go to prom w/ me? Ok j/k, that's not how I roll, but I figured I would give you a laugh for the day.

l a u r e n b e a s l e y.

January 28 2006

Jessica Jo

February 04 2006
You need to put more pictures of you on here.

Jessica Jo

February 06 2006
I FREAKING LOVE YOU KAYLIE DULANEY! hehe. And yes I am just like you.....how scary is that?