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April 25 2006

So...how gay is it that the school has now banned Phusebox from the school ? yea..not cool!



March 22 2006

Ok, SOOO Kaylie is not longer going to Prom with Justin. He wanted a limo, i did not, i refused, and he wanted to go with another, AFTER we had had plans with my group, so we're not attending the prom together anymore...i'm over it...SO...anyone up for Blackman Prom '06? yea i didn't think so..prom's like less than a month away, and everyone has a date except you Kaylie, you're just a big loser, and no one would ever want to go with you. Justin only felt sorry for you...Wow, i'm a loser


prom dress

March 04 2006

Style DO894

This is my dress i want. It's from David's Bridal. i LOVE IT!!! it looked amazing on me...except for the fact that i'm a blessed girl in the upper region!! UGH!!!!!



February 17 2006

Hey everyone. i'm at school and it's a half day today!!! and then after school i get to go and pick up my new car!! it's a white 1998 mercedes. great condition...i'm so excitd about this all!! i get a new car, and i get a free new cell phone!! AGGGHHH!! nothing is better!! lol. tonight i got off of work so that i could hang out with Jessica Jo....BUT NOOOO Jessica does not like me, she goes off and makes other plans without me. so i get to enjoy my new car all alone. i'll probably end up sitting at home....OR NOT i WILL do something tonight. whether i am by myself or not...i refuse to sit on my butt all night. Matt, Diane, and Mr. Allan are coming in today. Matt has a vocal audition 2morro for MTSU. so tonight, my 'rents and his 'rents are going out to eat....maybe me and Matt can have a date. Maybe not. oh well. if not i can always do something with Kristin or Lauren or Holly and/or Kaitlyn. They are really cool peeps, i might decide to do that, not sure yet. But umm pretty sure my car doesn't have a CD player, and that's the only downside, so i'm taking my car to electronic express saturday while i'm at work, to see if i can have the cd player put in the car. the lowest price in $75 bucks!! pretty sure i'd rather not pay it, but i have to have a CD player. si if anybody knows of someone who can install a CD player, PLEASE tell me, for cheaper then $75 bucks. ok well i'm out! TTYL!!



January 24 2006



i have decided that since everybody else has a post about this, then i should too...Well i REALLY wanna go..it's

my senior prom, and it's going to be amazing (or atleast i think so) i love getting dressed up....and it will be the last time the senior class will be together, before graduation...which is kinda sad... the subject is kinda tiring somewhat..i wanna go, but i don't really have a date... I asked someone and got rejected...so yea i'm that big of a loser....then Shandy's b/f..Brad..his lil brother Matt, said he'd take me if i had no one else to take...which is sad, cuz it's kinda like a pity date, so i'm happy that i atleast have a back-up date, but i'd rather go with a friend of mine...which i don't have many of, so that's gonna be a problem...oh well... yea i really wish someone would ask me because they think i'd be a fun date, NOT because of an interest in me....which isn't a bad thing if they are, but if a guy asks me, i don't want him to assume that i think he likes me, i wanna go and have fun...thats what i've always pictured my prom as...having fun and hanging out with friends. Oh well...enuff rambling..ttyl Kaylie


January 23 2006

hey guys...well i'm in first period right now...really bored...i've been really busy with work lately...i have a "date" friday night...i guess it's not technically a date, bcuz i'm not allowed to date him, but w/e! he's just a really funny guy, and we're just hanging out....Kristin bell is also going with us, so that'll be fun! neways..i work tonight, and tomorrow night i have to write a paper for Vanzant...yea... fun fun...then i work thursday night also...then friday going to see saw 2 (MAYBE) and out to eat...but i'm paying for my own! so it's not a date...neways...yea i work saturday night, which isn't gonna be fun again, and then sunday church...yea then the rest of my normal routine! well i'm out..i guess i'll se everybody later.



January 06 2006

yea so i haven't done a phusbox thing since like FOREVER AGO, and yea i completely forgot how to post something....soooo i've been looking all over the site as to how to post something....it took me seriously like 10 minutes to figure it out...i'm just that smart....neways, few things have happened since last update...DRAMA sucks, i hate it and i wish it would go away, BUT i do cause most of mine, so i guess i hope it wouldn't go away too badly, but neways, yea i guess thats it cya guys later



October 05 2005
welll.....my senior pics will not show up....so if u wanna see them, go to my xanga site, or ask me for them...oh well...fall break at the moment...still in love...oh well...going to legends so i'll ttyl!


September 11 2005
WELL!! school has been very hectic....atleast i only have 1 real class!! which is...you guessed it...U.S. History with vanzant...it's amazing how much you learn in that class....idk what to do for the art work tho that's due next wednesday...i like art stuff alot, but idk what to make whatever i'm doing, out of anything (sry if that didn't make sense) but idk what to do,a nd i have like 3 papers for english....they're easy, just very tiring....welll i guess i'll let you all go...ttyl!
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i've hit it

August 21 2005
well...although it's sad, school has started back...i guess i just want to get outta school...it seems pointless this year...it's sad that i've realized i don't know who my real friends are...and that i can't get rid of my feelings for him....it's just so sad i wanna cry all the time...all the times we had together were amazing, he treated me like royalty, and i treated him like crap, if i could, i would take it back, but God wants me to learn the lesson as to not take someone for granted, i really screwed up big time, i hope he sees how truly sry i am.....but he doesn't have a myspace, so i can express myslef on here, and him never see it...unfortunately i want him to...but oh well....have a good school year everyone


August 10 2005
Well, summer has ended unfortuneately...i'm about to get ready to go to church....i might go talk to Rob, i haven't seen him since sunday...i need to tell him some stuff...oh well...umm summer was amazing...i realized yesterday that i had an amazing summer, and i have not been out of Middle Tennessee...and it's all because of my WONDERFUL! friends...they are truly amazing...i'm just so blessed to be called a friend of theirs! i lvoe you all!