August 04 2005
Blue Devils
The Blue Devils

Which DCI Drum Corps are you?
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hmm i dont feel to well, all i did was toss and turn last night....i got up before my alarm cuz i couldnt sleep...i hope i dont get sick marching but i wouldnt be surprized....


August 04 2005


August 04 2005
im sry..i hope u get better


August 04 2005
Aw, I'm sorry you feel bad, sweetie. I like the blue devils, though.


August 04 2005
don't feel sick.

Dana Yo

August 04 2005
I'm so confused, what is DCI. I've been hearing of it lately.

Sarah Vermillion

August 04 2005
Don't die. Lots of water. Even if you want to drink something caffinated to give you more energy, don't. It'll raise your heart rate without really making you any more alert. Water, vitamins, and protein, baby!